DASH – Highly Accepted Around Keene


Look for this sticker on local businesses' doors in Keene!

Look for this sticker on local businesses’ doors in Keene!

What is DASH?

There are over 4,500 cryptocurrencies in the world as of December of 2019 and DASH (aka “Digital Cash”) is one of them, so why should you care?  Unlike the supermajority of other cryptos, DASH is designed with real-life use in mind and is accepted at multiple mom-n-pop businesses in downtown Keene and the Monadnock region.

What makes DASH different?  DASH was the first alternative to Bitcoin to introduce a governance structure.  Unlike Bitcoin (BTC), where 100% of the mining proceeds go to the miners, in DASH  45% goes to miners, while 45% go to the “Masternodes”, and 10% goes to a promotional budget that the Masternodes can vote on how to spend.  Masternodes are people who have locked up 1,000 DASH and provide certain services to the DASH network.

Most local merchants who started by accepting Bitcoin (BTC) are nearly all now also accepting DASH.  DASH’s confirmations are four times faster than BTC and the fees to send are usually less than a penny’s worth of DASH, so customers are happy to use DASH instead of slow, expensive BTC.  New Hampshire customers are even happier when they look in their wallet after sending their DASH to pay the merchant, and notice that they got some DASH-back!

Now in New Hampshire:  “DASH-Back”

New Hampshire-based company Anypay has as of Summer 2018 launched its exciting DASH-Back program to incentivize people to spend their DASH.  With cryptocurrency, there’s a natural disincentive to spend something that could (and over time has) gone up in value.  However, if you could get a discount in real life, instantly, just for spending DASH, perhaps you’d be more likely to spend DASH than choosing to use dollars.  Anypay has made DASH-Back possible – but not for online DASH usage – with DASH transactions that happen in real life at New Hampshire-based merchants who are using the Anypay platform to accept payments at Point-of-Sale. Here’s a detailed article explaining why and how DASH-Back works.

It’s really cool and worth a try – you don’t have to sign up for anything.  Just spend some DASH at one of the various downtown DASH-accepting merchants in Keene and then watch your wallet to see how much DASH you get back – it usually only takes a moment.