Car Detailing, Vietnamese Food, and Cleaning Now Available for Crypto in Keene Area

KD Prestige Detailing

KD Prestige Detailing – Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies

Businesses now accepting cryptocurrency in the Keene area had a major expansion last month, with a professional car detailer “KD Prestige Detailing“, a rendezvous Vietnamese Pho chef “EuPHOria“, and professional cleaner “Pure Bliss Clean” all set up to accept multiple cryptos from customers. 

Labeled “Crypto Mecca” in articles at Forbes and, the little college city of Keene, New Hampshire continues to be remarkable in its community adoption of various cryptocurrencies and boasts one of the highest concentrations of crypto-accepting businesses-per-capita on the planet.  Now, that concentration is even higher with three new businesses onboard.

Businesses in New Hampshire are empowered to accept more cryptocurrencies than just Bitcoin (BTC) as the Portsmouth-based “Anypay Cash Register” app easily allows local owners to accept multiple cryptos at their point-of-sale, like DASH, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and even Bitcoin SV (BSV).  Anypay was the first crypto payments processor that allowed businesses a choice back in 2017 when they launched with BTC and DASH.  Anypay has since become the best real-life crypto payments platform, and they are located right here in New Hampshire.

The acceptance of multiple cryptocurrencies is one thing that sets New Hampshire’s businesses apart from many around the world.  Many businesses globally were set up to take just one crypto, usually by someone who is a fanatic of that one particular crypto.  However, we understand that businesses need to be flexible and that there will never be just one crypto, so business owners are encouraged to take the top few cryptos that are focused on payments, like DASH and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).  Bitcoin (BTC) these days is just too expensive for most small purchases due to its large fees by comparison.  Businesses want to use what works best for their customers and customers want a choice, not a crypto cult that only promotes “one true crypto”.

Coinmap 2020-02-07 for downtown Keene as of February 2020

With her new business, “EuPHOria”, the founding chef of Keene’s “Pho Keene Great”, Isabelle Rose, has struck out on her own and is now regularly meeting customers in Keene with hot Vietnamese food cooked-to-order. Another recent addition is Pure Bliss Clean, a professional cleaning service that handles home and small businesses.  Also, Kenzy Dietz of “KD Prestige Detailing” recently won our radio giveaway contest we ran for months on 92.7 Bratt FM and decided to set up Anypay Cash Register shortly thereafter.  Dietz had already been introduced to cryptocurrency by someone close to her and was elated to be the winner of the $500-worth-of-crypto giveaway.  When asked what her reasons were for accepting cryptocurrency at her car detailing business, Dietz said, “Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future, so I am delighted to be a local business that accepts it as payment. Not only is it easy to accept, but it’s a great way to broaden my businesses acceptance of alternatives to paying with just cash, checks, or debit. The future is coming.”

One legitimate objection to accepting cryptocurrency at one’s business is that it’s subject to wild swings in price.  When a business needs to pay its vendor quickly and that vendor’s not yet onboard with crypto, that means some of the crypto needs to be converted to the dreaded government “fiat” currency – the US Dollar.  Central Bank money like US Dollars do not go up in value by design and only lose value over time through inflation. While crypto can be wild ride, it does have the potential to go up over time, and in fact has. For those business owners who need quick crypto-to-dollar service, Anypay recently made it possible with their new ACH service that deposits the day’s cryptocurrency purchase dollar value into your bank account, within 1-2 business days.  If you’re in the Keene area and want to explore how you can begin accepting cryptocurrency from your customers, it’s easier than you think.

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Longtime Campus Convenience Store Now Accepting Cryptocurrency

My Campus Convenience

My Campus Convenience, Keene – Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies!

As of last week, Keene now has two well-known and busy convenience stores that are accepting multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), DASH, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Corner News, the Main Street icon for over 100 years has been accepting crypto since 2013 for various convenience items and smoking accessories, but they now have a crypto-accepting competitor in the form of My Campus Convenience.

“CampCo” has been in business a long time and is very conveniently located to the Keene State College campus, located at its northwestern end, at 152 Winchester Street in Keene, right across from Thirsty Owl, a crypto-accepting bar. Thirsty Owl’s owner, Darren Humphrey, recently took over management of My Campus Convenience and immediately implemented accepting cryptocurrencies as one of his first changes.

It’s a no-brainer. Humphrey has obviously had a good experience with cryptocurrency acceptance at the Owl. Receiving crypto from customers means a business gets 100% of every sale, unlike credit cards that take away about 3% of every sale, and an even larger percentage of the profit. Unlike US Dollars or other fiat currency that go down in value due to constant inflation, Cryptocurrency also has the potential of going up – or down – in value, so many local business owners like Humphrey are holding it for the long-term. Though it’s not difficult to turn cryptocurrency into US Dollars, if that’s what the business owner wants to do.

The new addition of Campus Convenience to the growing roster of crypto-accepting Keene-area businesses solidifies our place as one of the top few cities in the world for businesses-per-capita that are accepting crypto. We beat even the “Bitcoin Cash City” of Townsville, Australia where a conference will be held this week to promote that area.

Stickers at My Campus Convenience

Crypto Stickers at My Campus Convenience

There’s no doubt what Townsville’s crypto community have accomplished is impressive, but their city’s population is over 178,000, while Keene’s is about 23,000. That means with 78 BCH-accepting businesses, according to the “Marco Coino” app, Townsville has one business for every 2,293 people while Keene’s 14 BCH-accepting locations gives it a ratio of one business for every 1,642 people. That’s great, but we are bested in the Bitcoin Cash acceptance category by Ljubljana, Slovenia where a payment processor called Elipay is having tremendous success getting allegedly as many as 220 area businesses including at least one grocery store to accept cryptocurrency including Bitcoin Cash. With 279,631 in population, that gives Ljubljana a ratio of one business for every 1,271 people.

The other main crypto spent on-the-ground here in Keene is DASH, which has been accepted by businesses across Keene since 2017. It was with DASH that New Hampshire-based Anypay pioneered their “DASH-Back” program , which pretty consistently gives instant 10% rebates to customers making a purchase at merchants who run the Anypay system. In Keene almost every business that accepts cryptocurrency from customers in real life is using Anypay’s point-of-sale. Eventually, Anypay launched a Bitcoin Cash-back system as well. Both of their crypto rebate robots are funded by donations and are active at the time of this writing.

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Bitcoin Embassy NH Launches in Keene, Offers Free “Bitcoin 101” Classes

Bitcoin 101 Class at Bitcoin Embassy NH

Bitcoin 101 Class at Bitcoin Embassy NH

Keene, New Hampshire has already established itself as a world leader in real-life businesses accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at their cash register. Now local area cryptocurrency advocates have taken the next step and opened an educational center to help people learn about crypto – the Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire.

The Bitcoin Embassy NH joins others around the globe, and is the second in the United States. The first Bitcoin Embassy in the US was Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy, which opened earlier this year.

With the goals of education, networking, and inspiration, head ambassador and instructor Chris Rietmann opened the doors to the Bitcoin Embassy NH in October and has already created a “Bitcoin 101” class that is free to take! Though, donations are certainly welcomed if you find the class valuable. Classes are also available for those looking to learn how to accept crypto at their businesses.

Already the Embassy has received coverage in the Keene Sentinel, NH Public Radio, and a front page feature in the Monadnock Shopper News.

The Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire is open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday and is located inside Route 101 Local Goods at 661 Marlboro St. in Keene, NH.

Of course, the Bitcoin Embassy NH is just the latest development in the area. We already have an active Meetup group with meetings every six days and Telegram chat room, so please connect with either or both of those to join the cryptocurrency community in the Monadnock region.

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People spending DASH at NH retail are getting instant rebates, aka “DASH-Back”. Here’s why and how it works.

Chart of USD's fall over 100 years.

The dollar’s not going back up from here.

One of the biggest challenges that cryptocurrency needs to overcome in the market is the tendency of its adopters to hold and never spend their crypto. It’s called Gresham’s Law, the idea that bad money drives out the good from circulation. That means given two choices of which money to spend, the consumer, understandably, will choose to spend the inferior currency. Here, the inferior form of currency is the government money – the U.S. Dollar – and the better form is cryptocurrency. Since crypto users know there is a chance their crypto could go up in value and we all know the U.S. Dollar is sure to go down in value over time – due to politicians inflating the supply of U.S. Dollars – the smart thing to do in that situation is to spend the dollars and hold the crypto.

This is a difficult situation because the more people who only hold crypto, the less useful of a currency it is! Thankfully, New Hampshire-based merchant payment processor Anypay has come up with a solution to overcome Gresham’s Law and incentivize people to actually spend their cryptocurrency in these still early days of crypto.

What if, when you spent your crypto at local New Hampshire merchants, you instantly received some crypto back into your wallet? No filling out forms. No signing up for a program. No “points”. No waiting weeks or months for the payout. Just an instant rebate, right at the point of purchase – on anything you buy in the store or restaurant.

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Announcing the Monadnock Crypto Blog!

Hello neighbors! If you’re on this website, there’s a good chance you picked up a flier or saw an advertisement somewhere around town that linked you here because you’re interested in learning more about cryptocurrency and connecting with the local crypto community. Welcome!

As you may already know, the Monadnock region and Keene specifically is a global hotspot for cryptocurrency usage in real life at award-winning local merchants you know and love.

Add this blog to your feed reader to get the latest on what’s happening in the world of cryptocurrency right here in the Monadnock area. If you haven’t, explore the menus – there’s already a lot here on the site. However, there is so much happening in the area, we had to add a blog. Coming soon we’ll have some very exciting announcements.

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