Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Highly Accepted Around Keene


Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here Sticker

Look for this sticker on local businesses’ doors in Keene!

What is Bitcoin Cash?

There are over 4,500 cryptocurrencies in the world as of December of 2019 and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of them, so why should you care?  Bitcoin Cash is crypto intended to be used as a currency, the way Satoshi Nakamoto intended. Bitcoin Cash is accepted at multiple mom-n-pop businesses in downtown Keene and the Monadnock region.

What makes Bitcoin Cash different?  Bitcoin Cash was the first cryptocurrency to “hard fork” from the original Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain in 2017.  The supporters of Bitcoin Cash argued their coin was more true to Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision that cryptocurrency be something that people use as a currency, not just hold.  Since then Bitcoin Cash has added interesting features such as its “SLP tokens”, which allow any individual or company to create their own cryptocurrency “token” and trade it, give it away, or whatever.

Most local merchants who started by accepting Bitcoin (BTC) are nearly all now also accepting Bitcoin Csah.  The fees to send Bitcoin Cash are usually less than a penny’s worth, so customers are happy to use Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin (BTC) as Bitcoin’s fees are usually more expensive.