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Accepting Cryptocurrency payments at your Point-of-Sale


Point-of-Sale acceptance is easier than you think!

Point-of-Sale acceptance is easier than you think!

So, you’re ready to take the plunge and start inviting your customers to pay with money than can appreciate in value over time? Good choice. It’s easier than you might think!

The Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network will help get you set up with New Hampshire-based crypto merchant services provider Anypay for your point-of-sale. If you need a tablet to use at the register, we’ll provide that too! You’ll need a secure wallet in which you can store your crypto earnings and we can offer recommendations and help walk you through setup.

Of course, Anypay is not the only option in the Point-of-Sale service, but they are local to New Hampshire and defeat their big competitor Bitpay on nearly all points:

  • Multi-Crypto Acceptance.  Not only does Anypay accept Bitcoin (BTC) at the POS, you can also use it to accept DASH, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other cryptocurrencies.


  • Instant Settlement.  Anypay does not hold your funds.  No more waiting until you reach some arbitrary minimum amount like with Bitpay, or waiting a day or more for settlement with credit card companies. Every transaction is immediately directed into your destination wallet of choice.


  • Prefer to receive USD?  For select businesses, Anypay offers an ACH transfer service where you will receive 100% of a day’s crypto sales in USD instead of cryptocurrency, with no fees. It will be sent to your bank account via ACH within 1-2 business days. This allows you to accept cryptocurrency from your customers and not also take on the risk of crypto’s expected volatile price changes. That said, if you choose this service we still recommend holding some cryptocurrency for the future!


  • Virtually Zero Fees to Receive.  Customers pay all network fees to send. Anypay charges no fees beyond a small retransmission fee to pass along the payment instantly to your wallet. A future upgrade in 2020 will eliminate the need for this fee and any retransmission.


  • Signup is Private & Fast.  Enter your email and password and you’re registered. No Tax ID required or anything else invasive of your privacy. No joke; it’s that easy.


  • Apps Available iOS, Android, and Web.  You can download the “Anypay Cash Register” app from your Apple or Google stores and get rolling even without visiting Anypay’s website.


  • Based in New Hampshire.  Anypay was founded and is operated from Portsmouth, NH by former Keene resident Derrick J Freeman and techno-wizard Steven Zeiler. They are great!

To take the next step, send an email to keenecrypto at, or reach out to us via our real life meetups, or chat room.

If your business is online-only or has a large online component, Anypay also supports online transactions. Please reach out to them at


How to turn cryptocurrency into dollars (yuck).


MCO Visa Debit Cards

It’s really easy to convert crypto to USD.

Unfortunately we don’t live in a world where everyone accepts cryptocurrency… yet.  Though we recommend against cashing out – as the price of various cryptos has tended upwards over time – sometimes you want to take profits out or maybe you need the cash for something important.  If you do want to cash out, it’s highly recommended you only cash out a portion of your cryptocurrency savings.  Some have cashed it all out, only to regret it later.  Here are some of your options, ranked with the easiest methods at the top:

  • Use Anypay’s ACH settlement option to automate it.  In late 2019, Anypay began offering an ACH settlement option. At this time it only allows a 100% settlement, meaning all of a day’s crypto sales will be converted instantly to USD and deposited in your bank account within 1-2 business days. If you are uncertain about the risks of holding crypto or just have suppliers to pay urgently with USD, this is a very useful option.


  • Get a Bitcoin-fueled VISA/MC debit card.  There are many options from which to choose, like’s VISA debit card or Bitpay’s VISA debit card.  You send crypto to the card and it’s converted into USD at the time of the send.  Then you spend it like you would with any other debit card, wherever VISA is accepted.  Amazing!


  • Use a website like  Uphold allows you to connect your bank account and convert your BTC, DASH, or BCH to USD very easily.  However, the trade-off for the convenience is you have to give up your identification to the sites in order to be approved for an account.


  • Reach out to the local crypto community and ask if anyone wants to buy what you’re looking to sell. You can contact us at our real life meetups, our chat room, and the NH crypto forums.  This is the most private option.


  • Use an exchange website like Kraken.  Exchanges are for more advanced users who intend to get into trading crypto, but they are a way out of cryptocurrency, back into USD.  Most exchanges require you to use wire transfer to send to a bank account, but Kraken, Gemini and GDAX have ACH transfer.


  • Use  Another option for advanced users.  Privacy can be strong here, but there is a risk of fraud.  People across the U.S. will put cash directly in your bank account to buy your BTC.