Radio Contest


Local Radio Crypto Giveaway Contest

We’ve teamed up with local radio stations give away thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency to people like you from the Monadnock region! In 2019 area radio listeners received nearly $15,000 worth of crypto from our giveaways. If you’ve never had cryptocurrency before, you’ll get $50 worth of crypto just for entering the contest. If you’re not new to crypto, you can still qualify to win the regular grand prize drawings for $500 worth of crypto, but you won’t get the $50 for entering.

This contest is only open to people living, working, and shopping in the Monadnock region. We will be verifying all entries and connecting with you personally before sending you the crypto. Thank you for understanding and providing your contact information to make this possible. Please fill out the entry form below and we’ll be in touch:

If you are having difficulty with the form, email keenecrypto at for a direct entry. Thank you for your interest in cryptocurrency!